3D and Me

Matthew Collingwood

I was once asked,

“would you like to learn 3D?” I promptly said, “No!”

It then turned out that there was no more work for me as a 2D graphic Artist at that time in that job. So learning Autodesk 3D Studio it is then!

I soon discovered that I liked making stuff in 3D. It was like making physical objects but in 3D space. Great fun and I was getting paid for it.

Whilst learning I asked for help from the only other 3D Graphic Artist in the company who was far more experienced than me. To my surprise he said, “No, you’re on your own.” and casually walked off!

Right then, I thought, I’ll show you and become better than you one day.

So I did all the tutorials I could find, took on jobs that were beyond my skill set so I’d have to learn how to do them and generally worked my arse off. I’m grateful now that the actions off others pushed me into learning something I didn’t want to do. Because it has become my career, something I’m good at and one that I enjoy.

Thank you!


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