Aviation Training

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In 2011 I was an integral part of company redefining aviation theoretical training with the first ever CAA and EASA approved Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) course for iPad.

Along with a team of subject matter experts (SMEs), graphic artists, designers and developer, Padpilot produced the complete set of ATPL books (17) from scratch. These were created for print and as digital, interactive e-books.

My involvement in the project included:

  • Logo design and branding.
  • Creative direction.
  • Managing a small team of graphic artists/designers.
  • Book covers and page layout design.
  • 3D graphics and animations to go in the digital books.
  • Marketing material.
  • Videos for social media, website and show demos.

The books were initially made in InDesign using Adobe’s digital publishing tools to publish to iPad. We then migrated to Apple iBooks as it offered more interactivity for students and ease of use for our technical authors.

3D Image Montage
3D Image Montage

Today we regularly update the contents of the books with the latest information, better graphics, animations and videos. Our latest additions are interactive 3D models published in our books using an online system. I create and prepare the models then apply textures, lighting and cameras once in the online system. These models can also be viewed in VR with even a cheap set of goggles.

For copyright reasons I can’t show many of the 3D images I’ve created over the years. Any images displayed in this blog are done so courtesy of Padpilot. Visit their website at www.padpilot.eu

3D 787 Dreamliner
3D 787 Dreamliner

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