Cinderellas Reunion Flyer

Cinderellas feature image

Project Duration: 1 week

Client: Gary ‘T’ Thomas

Brief:  I was asked by a friend to design a flyer for an old school event he was putting on. The flyer had to be colourful with an 80s vibe.

We had just been to a reunion night in Cheltenham for an old night club called Gas. It was a good night so he wanted to put on a renuion night for an old Glouceser night Club.

Cinderellas Rockerfellas was the place to be back in the day and recently a Facebook page was set up for people that used to go. A Cinderellas reunion night would be the perfect event to get all these like minded people back together.

Gary had some ideas, showed me recent flyers he liked and some old photos posted on Facebook. I immediately could see where he wanted to take the design so sketched a few ideas then got to work!

We communicated throughout the design process, I showed him the flyer at various stages to make sure I was still on track. I did an initail mock up using an old black and white logo but it wasn’t until I reproduced the Night Club’s logo that the flyer really came to life. Gary loved the final design and the owner of the Facebook page loved it too.


The next event is on December 23rd 2017 at The Apartment, Cheltenham.


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